Conference guide: speakers, organisers, workshops and more

Conference guide: speakers, organisers, workshops and more



Keynote speakers

  • Yolanda Oqueili, leader of the ‘Frente Norte del Area Metropolitana’ (FRENAM);
  • Jean-Marie Simon, eyewitness to Guatemala’s genocidal civil war and author of the groundbreaking book of photojournalism ‘Guatemala: Eternal Spring, Eternal Tyranny’;
  • Maya Alvarado, Executive Director of UNAMG – National Union of Guatemalan Women;
  • José Paulino Martínez Cabrera, General Secretary of SITRAGUA, Trade Union of the Workers of the Municipal Water Company of Guatemala;
  • Alex Praça, from the International Trade Union Confederation;
  • June Holmes, Amnesty International Central America Team


  • ‘A Beginners Guide to Guatemala’

With Enrico Tortolano – for those new to Guatemalan history and seeking a context for contemporary issues.

This workshop will run in the morning and afternoon (at 9.00 and 12.55). These will take place just after registration and at lunchtime. Attendees interested in this introductory session will be asked to pick one of the two sessions during the registration.

The following workshops will run twice, and attendees have the possibility to attend to TWO of the four workshops.

  • Working with Guatemalan human rights defenders

With the Guatemalan Solidarity Network and Peace Brigades International

  • Putting an end to violence and impunity in Guatemala: the trade union struggle

With Stephen Russell from the TUC, Anna Cooper and Alistair Smith from Banana Link

  • The role of women in positions of leadership within the struggles for environmental and land justice.

With LAAMP and Yolanda Oqueili, leader of FREENAM, who battles to defend land and environment from the expansion of mining corporations

  • Guatemalan women: the legacy of genocide and violence

With Virginia López Calvo from the Central American Women’s Network – exploring and inspiring new solidarity initiatives with Guatemalan women

Closing plenary

  • Next steps – a session focused on practical action and collaboration
    • With Shane Enright from Amnesty International

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