Conference guide and hashtag: #GuateNGB

So the big day is just a few hours away! We’re very excited about it, and can’t wait to see all the participants that are going to make of this conference a day of discussion, of learning, debating and coming up with ideas for action and solidarity. A day to be remembered.

We have uploaded an updated version of the conference guide – latest version, with a few changes from the one uploaded some days ago.

And for all those who will be tweeting in the conference, or those who wish to follow a bit via twitter, and add contributions to it (comments, pictures, links), we suggest as official hashtag #GuateNGB. We hope to read some interesting tweets (as interesting as the ones we’ve been seeing recently).

We’d like to remind you to get there promptly, especially for those who’d like to attend to “A Beginners guide to Guatemala”. The first session will start at 9am, and we know the lunch session is very likely to be filled quickly, so don’t miss the early one!

La puya

We leave you with a couple of interesting links to check. The first is a powerful photo essay, by James Rodríguez, on the evictions of the mining community of La Puya. Yolanda Oqueli, one of our keynote speakers, is a key community leader and is featured in the article.

The second is a link to an interactive project covering the violence against trade unionists in Guatemala, by Camilla Capasso. The workshop Putting an end to violence and impunity in Guatemala: the trade union struggle, facilitated by members of the TUC and Banana Link, focuses in this area.


New speakers: Maya Alvarado and José Martínez Cabrera

We are delighted to announce two new speakers, who will participate in our plenary: Maya Alvarado and José Martínez Cabrera.

Maya Alvarado will be representing the Covergencia de Derechos Humanos, the coalition of Guatemalan Human Rights Groups. Maya is currently Executive Director of UNAMG. She has been a feminist and human rights activist since 1998. As an activist, along with the women’s movement, she has supported legislation that ensures the human, political and legal rights of women. She is also a columnist and member of the editorial board of the feminist newspaper La Cuerda (The Rope). Within UNAMG and prior to this engagement, she has been focused on women’s historical memory, and efforts towards access to justice for those who experienced human rights violations, especially sexual violence suffered during the civil conflict in Guatemala.

José Martínez Cabrera is the Secretary General of SITRAGUA, the Trade Union of the Workers of the Municipal Water Company of Guatemala. He serves as the national coordinator of public sector unions affiliated to Public Services International in Guatemala. In his position as secretary of CONTAGUAS, PSI’s Latin-American Confederation of water,  sanitation and environment workers, he is responsible for collective bargaining and freedom of association.

For more information on trade union rights violations in Guatemala, there’s a brief documentary by PSI.

We have updated the conference day schedule, which you can find here.